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Distance Learning Services

Who Is Provided Distance Learning Services?

Library and Instructional Design Studio services are provided to registered students and faculty who are taking or teaching courses at sites other than on the University campuses. This includes courses at local hospitals, corporate offices, or online courses offered in-state or out-of-state.

Reference Services

Although most students in the distance courses have access to their local libraries, UDM also provides reference service to these students. A student may send an electronic request for information to the "e-mail a Librarian" service available through the libraries portal ( by clicking on Get Help, Contact a Librarian, then "eMail a Librarian."  During hours the libraries are open a student can submit a request through "Ask a Librarian" on the right side of the portal home page.

Students may speak directly to a librarian by making contact with one of the libraries reference desks during library service hours (eastern standard time). Dental and dental hygiene questions should be referred to the UDM Dental Library (313 993-6181); all other questions should be referred to the librarians in the McNichols Campus Library (313 993-1071).

UDM participates in the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities AJCU virtual reference program. The service, staffed by AJCU librarians and support 24/7 by the reference librarians, allows student, faculty, and staff to interact online with a reference librarian from any Internet-enabled computer through a standard Web browser without the need to download software. Reference librarians serving online students and faculty are able to provide assistance with database and internet searching proprietary resources and share Web sites and print materials. To access the virtual reference librarians when the UDM libraries are not open just click on "24/7 Reference."

As with on-campus students, librarians provide reference assistance to facilitate student research but students are expected to complete their own research. Should a student have difficulty locating information online, contact should be made with a reference librarian.

Check Out/Check In Services

Students who do not have a UDM photo ID card and are unable to come to the campus to procure one will be issued a non-photo library card. The barcode that appears on both forms of identification is used for borrowing materials from the library.

Off-campus database access is linked to the ID card through the 7-digit student number. This number is used for identification and tracking of registration information from first enrollment through graduation. The student numbers are used by the University in lieu of social security numbers in order to help curb illicit use of social security numbers. Because it is important that students not share their personal student number with work or other colleagues, students are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for Remote Use of UDM Database Resources.

Assigned library cards and confidentiality forms are sent to the faculty members for off-site courses for hand delivery to students. For distance online classes, library cards are distributed through the college/school coordinator.

IntraLibrary Loan Services

A student may request UDM books or have a photocopy of a journal article sent through the IntraLibrary Loan program, free of charge. Requests for resources should be made through the local, hospital, or corporate library. Should there not be a library available to send the request, student should contact a UDM librarian.

When an intralibrary loan request is received, library personnel process the request within 24-48 hours. This processing time may be extended if there is difficulty in identifying what resource is being requested from the information provided. Requested materials will be mailed to the requesting library or, if no library is available, directly to the student.

Books are checked out for three weeks, non-renewable.

Online Services

Web-based access to the libraries' indexing, abstracting, and full-text databases and journals, subject bibliographies, online catalog, etc. are available through the University's Re:search portal ( A proxy server, using student numbers for verification, gives off-campus access to licensed databases and library resources. Per license agreements, full-text journal articles may be downloaded and/or printed, but may not be distributed in multiple copies. Materials should not be copied or downloaded for anyone other then a UDM student.

Unauthorized database use can jeopardize access for all UDM patrons. Because it is important that students not share their personal student number with work or other colleagues, students are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement for Remote Use of UDM Database Resources.

Should a student have difficulty in getting access to databases through the proxy server, contact the Associate Dean for Public Services, George Libbey ( or 313 993-1078).

Online Courseware

The University provides a Course Management Software platform for faculty to mount their course content for use online. Faculty support for the courseware is provided by the Instructional Design Studio. Problems and questions can be best supported by emailing Russ Davidson (, Mike Verdusco (, or Tony Cressey (

Media Services

The Instructional Design Studio offers duplication services of non-copyright restricted CD and DVDs. It is the responsibility of the requester to provide their own CD or DVD Media and, if desired, Media cases. The IDS staff will duplicate material for UDM curricular use only.

The Instructional Design Studio supports classroom videotaping of sessions and events related to course curricula and webstreaming services. A written permission to tape and redistribute for curricular use is required before taping will be done. Taping can be rendered for webstreaming on a quicktime server upon request. The Instructional Design Studio does not support Real Player video streaming.

Fees for Services

The libraries subsidize all costs for the distribution of library cards, database licenses, intralibrary loan copies and mailing.

The overdue fee for borrowed resources is $.25 per day per item. There is no cap on the amount that must be paid.

The replacement cost for lost intralibrary loan material will include the cost of the material, any late fee, and processing fee. Checks for replacement costs should be sent to the Circulation Department of the McNichols Campus Library.

There is a $20.00 fee for the replacement of a student library card.

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