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Rules for Young People in the Library

These rules apply to all young people under 18 using the Libraries/IDS facilities and services.

  • Young people age 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while in the building. Young people age 7 and under are not permitted to use any public workstation.
  • Young people 16 and over are permitted in the building unaccompanied as follows:
    • During the school year Monday - Thursday, 3:00pm-5:00pm, and Fridays, weekends, and holidays 3:00pm until1 hour prior to closing. The reference librarian on duty will handle any exception to the Monday-Thursday hours.
    • During the summer 3:00pm until 1 hour prior to closing.
    • Unaccompanied young people 16 and over must present a photo ID and sign-in/out at the Check Out & Customer Service Desk.

General Rules

Young people in the Library must sign-in/out at the Check Out & Customer Service Desk, giving name/address/telephone number. All young people entering the library:

  • will be asked to present a photo ID
  • must study or conduct research on first floor only
  • may not bring food or drink into the library
  • may use the Library guest computers only when no one else is waiting; only one person at a time may use a workstation.
  • will be asked to leave the facility if they are viewing pornographic sites on any library workstation
  • may not run or play or conduct loud conversation anywhere in the building
  • are expected to respect the rights of other library users
  • are expected to respect and follow the directions of library personnel
  • may use the Public Guest Computer Workstations as outlined below

Use of Public Guest Computer Workstations


UDM students, faculty, and staff will be given priority access to the Public Computer Workstations. All Public Computer Workstations users may be required to present UDM identification indicating their status as currently enrolled student, faculty, or staff in order to receive and/or be denied such priority access. As an exception to this policy, members of the general public who wish to conduct research in government documents may have use of one of the reference desk computers at any time. Anyone requesting access to depository materials will not be asked for identification.

Young People

Library personnel:

  • may ask young people their age (young people under 16 are not allowed in the library without an adult).
  • may ask young people to quit and return later to their computer session in favor of waiting UDM students, faculty, staff in accordance with Public Computer Workstation policy. As an exception to this policy, members of the general public who wish to conduct research in government documents may have use of one of the reference desk computers at any time.
  • will ask any young person viewing pornographic site to leave the facility.
  • may direct young people to the Check Out & Customer Service Desk, where the Rules for Young People in the Library may be explained and enforced.

Supervising Children

It is the Libraries/IDS policy that parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for deciding what library resources are appropriate for their children. Parents/guardians should let their children know if there are materials which they do not want them to use. Parents/guardians should supervise their child's Public Computer Workstation use.

Libraries/IDS reserves the right to enforce the policies set forth in Rules for Young People in the Library, as outlined above.


The Public Guest Computer Workstations are primarily intended to serve as a gateway to Libraries/IDS-provided information resources such as the online catalog and licensed information databases. In addition, Public Guest Computer Workstations can be used for searching and accessing research and educational materials via the Internet, using the standard browsing software provided. Some of the Microsoft Office Suite is also available for preparation of class papers and presentations.

The Public Guest Computer Workstations are specifically not intended for games, for commercial enterprises, or for any non-educational purpose.


Printing is permitted from designated Public Guest Computer Workstations at a fee of $.10/page. The Libraries/IDS reserves the right to restrict printing as the availability of printing resources fluctuates. In addition, Public Guest Computer Workstation users are expected to honor requests to curb "excessive" printing, as determined by Libraries/IDS personnel.

Rules Governing Use

Public Guest Computer Workstation users may not:

  • obstruct other people's work by deliberately vandalizing equipment by deliberately "crashing" systems, or by deliberately consuming excessive amounts of any system resources, including paper.
  • make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software;
  • make any attempt to alter system configurations;
  • make any attempt to cause degradation of system performance;
  • violate UDM or Libraries/IDS policies;
  • violate any local, state, or federal laws (viewing pornography is deemed sexual harassment, a violation of the law);
  • violate copyright laws or software licensing agreements;
  • engage in any activity which is deliberately and maliciously obscene, libelous, or slanderous.

Public Access workstations will be shut down 10 minutes before closing.

Viewing Sexually Offensive Material

When a young person sees a sexually explicit image that is being viewed by someone other than the researcher and that image makes the young person uncomfortable,

  • the young person should report this to the librarian at the Research and Information Desk
  • Library personnel to whom a complaint is directed will ask the researcher to remove the image from the screen
  • following this request, if the researcher refuses to remove the image from the screen, a further complaint may be filed by the complaining young patron
  • Library personnel are responsible for informing the complaining patron and the researcher of the University's Sexual Harassment Policy, giving both the patron and the researcher a copy of same
  • if the researcher does not clear the screen, the library personnel will ask another employee to witness the situation, politely repeating each of the above steps
  • if the researcher still refuses to clear the screen, the researcher will be politely informed that the screen must be cleared
  • Library personnel will effectively complete the clearing of the screen
  • When library personnel have to clear the image, library personnel will document (date, time, place, names of persons involved) the situation

    Violations of these rules may result in loss of access, up to and including banishment from the campus. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in a serious and appropriate manner.

    If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Associate Dean for Public Services ( for more information.

    10/97; reissued 3/99, 9/99; updated 6/02, 9/02, 12/03, 8/07, 8/10
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