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Clickers in the Classroom

Student response systems, colloquially known as "clickers," keep students engaged during class and allow instructors to immediately assess progress and comprehension. This workshop will familiarize you with the TurningPoint Cloud system while exploring how the tools can support and enhance your classroom activities. You will also be provided with a TurningPoint Cloud Instructor Kit which includes everything you need to start using clickers right away.


Creating and Using Rubrics

This workshop will cover strategies for crafting and using rubrics in any academic setting. These versatile tools help save time when you grade and give students clear criteria that they can use to self-evaluate. In this class we will workshop a new rubric or a rubric that you are already using, learn how to use it for student self-reflection and benchmarking, and learn how to use the rubric tool by putting it up on blackboard.


Giving Effective Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of a student's development and is often one of the most time consuming things that an instructor can do...but did you know that not all feedback is effective? This research-based workshop will help you learn to leverage your time, various instructional tools, and resources. By the end, you'll be able to give feedback that is meaningful, efficient and helps the student work towards meeting set goals on their own.


IDS Workshops Roundtable Lunch

Wrap up the week's workshops with the Instructional Design Studio. Come discuss what worked and didn't work this week, and help us brainstorm future events at Instructional Design Studio. Lunch on us!


Introducing ... Collaborate ULTRA!

Blackboard Collaborate will be replaced by Collaborate Ultra starting Fall 2017. The new collaborate is a browser-based solution that no longer needs any downloads or installs to run. It also includes updated and upgraded versions of the features you're used to using in Collaborate. Applications and files are easier than ever to share, it's simple to set up and manage breakout rooms, and navigation has been made even more intuitive. Register for this workshop to learn how to use Collaborate Ultra and see how you can integrate it into your online classroom, use it for virtual office hours, create recordings of lectures, and so much more!


Library Resources and the New Catalog

This workshop will introduce attendees to Primo, the library’s new online catalog.  Primo is much more flexible than its predecessor and has many new helpful features. We will demo the functionality of this new resource and provide participants with a hands-on experience in searching for and utilizing library resources.


Rethinking the Syllabus: Compliments to your Syllabus that Enhance Readability

How many times in your teaching career have you had to tell a student that the information they are asking about is in the syllabus...if they'd only read it and look it over. This workshop explores three different ways to help your students understand your syllabus! We'll cover creating and using pacing guides, interactive syllabi, and infographic syllabi. IDS will provide the template and technical support and you’ll provide the syllabus - we’ll work together to create something you can use over and over again in your classes and increase student understanding of your expectations, the workload, and the class as a whole.

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