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[SIC] Student Arts Journal

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Volume: 17


Student editors: Armendariz, Anjelica; Arutoff, Alice; Bohn, Allison; Ellison, Alexis; Jones, Alex; LeBeau, Tessa; O'Gara, Jen; Osayande, Deonte; Smialek, Chelsea; Styczynski, Michelle

Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Bernieri, Cory; Caver, Gisele; Dalley, Trevia; Demonfort, Constantine; Donavan, David; Hibbard, Kyle; Ibarra, Maria; Khalil, Elysia; Kim, Melissa; McCutcheon, Emily; Paolini, Nina; Puentes, Yindra Mollings; Rafacz, Tara; Rivard, Noel; Rivas, Jose; Skora, Theresa; Spaude, Sierra; Storm, Dean

Titles: A Luka: Time Line; Anchoress; Ariel Blue; Arm; At the Gate; Bendy Things; Bridge; Childhood Memories of Mom; Crossing the Border; Dazed and Awaiting; Detroit; Detroit Night Ride; Detroit: A Portrait of the City; Dolls; Edmund Street; English Tea; Extreme; Eyeball; Feet; Fireworks; Foliage; Frilly Things; Gold; Hand in Mine; Heart and Soul; Holding Hands with Death; I think I'll be dead by 30; In this Moment -- Silence; Interstate Memories; It's Detroit; Justin's Poem; Kiss; Lamp it Up; Laura; Leaves; Legs; Letter to my Friend; Light at the End; Little Thoughts; Memories and Graveyards; Modern Love; Morning's at Ma's House; Moss; Musings of That; Night Lights; No Longer Dancers or Stargazers; Optimism in the Streets; Petals; poem that happened yesterday; Pubescent Playgrounds; Punches; Pythagoras can byte me; Queen Anne; Red Nails; reflections; Rising; Roots; Rotting Meat; Rowing Song; Science Fiction; Serenity; Seven Eleven; Skull; Speeds; Taken Back; Talking Birds; Teach Me; The Bed Chamber of a King; The Brothel; The Cons'tine's Burden; The Dance; Time for Love; To Mr. Todd; Troy; Unnamed; Untitled; Wish Fishing; yellow handle bars; Young Europe

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