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[SIC] Student Arts Journal

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Volume: 14


Student editors: Blasko, Danielle; Fernandez, Deborah M. Pumarada; Johnson, Stacy; Katanbafnezhad, Sahar; Koss, Rob; Kowalcyzk, David; Moccia, Erica; Monsour, Mary; Olson, Courtney; Paszek, Joe; Schumack, Nicole; Williams, Whitney

Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Alwan, Riham Mazen; Battles, Marcia; Brown, Jason; Cifuentes, Ken; Clark, Ciera; Diehl, Dan; Domanski, Joe; Green, Eric; Green, Katie; Johnson, Kemael; Knight, Benjamin; Kowalczyk, David Edward; Lachowski, Eric; Lafreniere, Shayna J.; McGarry, Michael J.; O'Gara, Jen; Salazar, Ben; Santa Maria, Andrea; Suchor, Brad; Szewczyk, Amy; Thomas, Amy; Tonjes, Meghan

Titles: 1,000 - 4 (or more); 334th Chorus; Ahhhhh!; Angel Head; Annual Expedition; Block Wall; Corner of the House; Cut-Up Poem; Dawn of October; Ear Watch; Emily Dickinson in Trouble; Falling; find your shoe; Freeway Dancing; Gas Co.; Giving Away My Firstborn; Hand; Head Lights; His Redemption; I lived in Theory; I Reached; In the Womb of the American Dream; Last Picture: in the Hospital; Once Upon A Time In a Bar; One Hour Rejuvenation; Opening the Past; Parent's Day; Pipes; Pornographic Pig Masks; Red Robin Reunion; Regicide; Riding and Breaking; Self-Assurance; Spin the Black Circle; The Dying Words of an Undergraduate; The Exclamation Point; The Giver; The Imp Who Only Said "Yes"; The Reunion; Theatre Company; To Bitterness by Another Name Called; Tools; Unexpected Visitor; Unforgiving Terrain; Untitled #5; Untitled 1; Untitled 2; Untitled 3; Untitled 4; Untitled 5; Untitled 6; Untitled 7; Untitled 8; Warehouse; White Glory

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