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[SIC] Student Arts Journal

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Volume: 11


Faculty advisors: Crabtree, Claire, Dr.; Dugdale, Timothy, Dr.; O'Gorman, Marcel; Weatherston, Rosemary, Dr.

Student & alumni contributors: Alexander, Elizabeth; Alwan, Riham Mazen; Barash, F. Phil; Barash, Phil; Blatch, Alicia; Blatch, Alicia, Cooper, Nia; Cooper, Nia; Ferguson, Joe; Freeman, Emily; Gallegos, Cristina; Gravelle, Larry; Green, Shannon; Guevara, Nicole; Horman, Jeanne; Karner, JoAnna; Kincade, Lisa; Landry, Beth; Leichtman, J. D.; Lopez, Rebecca; Lukacs, Andras; Magee, Julie; Milana, Dina; Murphy, Jenna; Nowakowski, E. A.; Reifert, Elizabeth; St. Peter, Austin

Titles: An Overcast Day: Dexter Avenue Baptist Church; An Underlined Title; At David's Funeral; Because I Do Not Believe I Will Have Children; Beech Grove; Big Brother; Biographies; Body; Bookstore; Burial in September; Castration Anxiety; Collecting Elvis; Communion; Conjunctiva; Contract_Release; Diachrony; Drainpipe, Rouge River; Elderly Woman, Hungary; Episteme; Farmer's Daughter; Fractals; Hit And Run; Huddled Beneath The John C. Lodge; I Drink Black Coffee Because My Grandfather Did; In The Market; Indian Summer; JC's Bare Creek Inn; Just a Girl; Make Me Believe; Makhachkala; Monday Thru Friday At 11:27 AM; My First Photograph; Nawicki, Mike; Nostalgia; Off The Wall And On Line: A Yahoo Diary; Pieces; Popsicles and Barbecue Sauce; Rainy Day; Reevaluating Prior Outlooks; Reflection; Running Post_Human; Silo; Squirrel Hunt; Street Corner, Saturday Morning, Volterra, Italy; Sun Bathing; The Carnival; The Legend; The Man is the Moon; The Poet; Theory_Practice; Timeline of a Purple Woman; Transformation; Transformed_Built; Tran_Script; Treadmill & iMac; Two Blocks From The Detroit River; Untitled; Wall of My Memory; Waves of Aaron; Welcome Home, Amee; What It's Like; your colors

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