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Partner, Clark, Klein & Beaumont

Partner, Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates LLC

Partner, Tyler & Canham, P.C.

Past President, American Dental Education Association

Pastor, Our Lady of the Rosary

Patent Attorney, Hittemore, Hulbert and Belknap

Patriarch of Antioch and of all East of Alexandria and of Jerusalem

Patroness, Mother of Christian Home

Pediatric Dentist


Philanthropist and Businessman

Poet and Publisher; University Professor and Librarian

Poet, Author

Pre-eminent Humanist and Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library

President & CEO, Autocam Corporation

President & CEO, Damman Hardware

President & CEO, Ducu-News Inc

President & Chief Executive Officer, The Wendy’s Company

President and Chairman of the Board, Burroughs Corporation (retired)

President and Chairman of the Board, Packard Motor Company

President and Chief Executive, Detroit Edison; University of Detroit Board of Trustees

President and Chief Operating Officer, K-Mart Corporation

President and Medical Director Emeritus, Michigan Cancer Foundation

President Detroit Pure Milk Company

President Emerita, University of Detroit Mercy

President Emeritus, Mercy Health System

President, American Dental Association

President, Andy Farkas & Associates

President, Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Michigan

President, Association of Jesuit College and Universities

President, Birmingham Southern College and Association of American Colleges Administrator

President, Burroughs Adding Machine Company

President, Columbia Broadcasting System Radio.

President, Cooney & Cooney, P.C.

President, Copeland Products, Inc.

President, Cunningham Drug Stores Inc.

President, Diehl & Diehl Architects

President, Eastern Michigan University

President, Electric-Auto-Lite Company

President, Eureka Vacuum Cleaner Company

President, F.D. Stella Products Co.

President, Fisher Body Co.

President, General Motors Corporation

President, Hilton Hotels Corp.

President, Karpus & Karpus, C.P.A., P.C.

President, Kenmar Corporation

President, League of Catholic Women

President, Lighthouse of Oakland County, Inc.

President, Medical College of Pennsylvania

President, Michigan Bar Association

President, Michigan Manufacturer & Financial Record

President, Michigan Mobile Homes

President, New Detroit, Inc.

President, Plunkett, Cooney, Rutt, Watters, Stanczyk & Pedersen

President, Polymer Institute

President, R.A. Abdoo & Co. LLC

President, Susan Maxman Architects, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

President, Texas Christian University

President, United States Fastener Corporation

President, University of Connecticut; President-elect, Michigan State University

President, University of Maryland at Baltimore

President, Valente Realty, Inc.

President, Wayne State University

President-elect, American Medical Association

President/COO, Ford Motor Company

Priest and Soldier

Priest, Author, Editor

Priest, Domestic Prelate to Pius XI

Priest, Lecturer, Journalist, Composer, Playwright

Priest, Pastor and Philanthropist

Priest, St. David Parish

Priest, Superintendent of Hospitals

Priest, Vice Rector, North American College in Rome

Principal, Detroit Day-School for the Deaf

Professor & Associate Dean, School of Dentistry, University of Detroit

Professor and Chairman, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

Professor and Dean Emeritus, Howard University College of Dentistry; Assistant Executive Director, Division of Woman and Minority Affiars, American Association of Dental Schools

Professor and Director, Intensive Language Program, Darthmouth College

Professor Emerita, Univesity of British Columbia

Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan

Professor Emeritus, Dramatist and Chaplain

Professor Emeritus, Historian

Professor Emeritus, University of Iowa College of Law

Professor Emeritus, University of Michigan Dental School

Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina

Professor of Classics

Professor of Economics and Accounting and Dean of the Department of Commerce and Finance, Univesity of Detroit

Professor of History, University of Detroit

Professor of Law, University of Chicago

Professor of Law, University of Detroit

Professor of Mathematics

Professor of Music, Wayne State University

Professor of Philosophy, University of Detroit Mercy

Professor of Religious Studies

Professor, College of Business Administration

Professor, Counselor, Confessor and Pastor

Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Dentistry

Professor, Loyola College; Past President, St. Louis University

Professor, Philosopher, and Economist

Professor, Religious Studies, University of Detroit

Professor, School of Dentistry, University of Detroit

Professor, University Administrator and Counseling Expert

Professor, Yale University Divinity School

Provincial, Detroit Province, Society of Jesus

Psychology Professor

Publisher Representative, The McGraw-Hill Co., Inc.

Publisher, Author

Publisher, Detroit Free Press (retired)

Publisher, Editor, Author; Dean of College of Commerce and Finance

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