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Alumni of the Year

    The outstanding alumni award was first given in 1975 to seven recipients. The National Alumni board of Directors Nomination Committee felt that this type of award should honor University of Detroit Alumni who have in many ways distinguished themselves in their chosen field of endeavor and who through their career have brought recognition and honor to the University of Detroit.

    Selection Criteria:

    1. The recipient must be an alumnus of the University of Detroit but does not have to have been an active participant in University activities or the Alumni Association.
    2. The recipient must demonstrate a high level of achievement and be a distinguished member of his/her chosen career field.
    3. The recipient should be a prominent figure whose career achievements are recognizable at the local, state or national level.
    4. The recipient must be active and working in his/her chosen career field.
    5. There will be one recipient chose each year.
    6. Future nominations for this award may be solicited from the general membership of the Alumni Association.

    Alumna of the Year

    Alumnus of the Year

Distinguished Alumnus

Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

    Recipients of the Lifetime Alumni Achievement Award must be graduates of the University who:

    1. Have distinguished themselves in their chosen profession, thus bringing honor to the University
    2. May or may not have been involved in University activities.

    Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

Distinguished Professor

The title of Distinguished Professor is conferred upon a faculty member who has distinguished herself or himself through exceptional contributions to teaching, scholarship, and service. The title may be coupled with the specification of the professor’s academic area and/or with the name of the person in whose honor the Distinguished Professorship has been created. Only those individuals who have achieved the rank of Professor are eligible.

Selection Criteria:

The title of Distinguished Professor is bestowed upon a faculty member who exhibits outstanding teaching, scholarship, and service in support of the University mission. Individuals selected to serve as Distinguished Professors will have demonstrated exceptional scholarly or creative work and instructional leadership. The following may be considered as evidence of distinction.

  • Demonstration of outstanding teaching, which may include peer recognition of pedagogical excellence and innovation.
  • A record of meritorious service to the University, the academic profession and/or the local community.
  • Extensive publication in scholarly and/or other peer reviewed venues.
  • National recognition established through an extensive body of creative work.
  • Peer and professional recognition of scholarship or service through the bestowal of awards and/or grants.
  • Frequent citation of scholarly work by others in the discipline or related fields.
  • Noteworthy service to a professional organization or publication.
  • A record of mentoring emerging faculty or scholars at UDM or elsewhere.
  • Outstanding public service clearly aligned with and emanating from a professional base of knowledge.

Distinguished Professor

Founder's Award

    Recipients of the Founder’s Award may or may not be graduates of the University who have met some or all of the following criteria:

    1. Demonstrated involvement/leadership within their communities.
    2. Displayed compassion for and commitment to their fellow human beings as they reach out to assist and improve the condition of humanity.
    3. Helped others or have influenced society’s response to a particular concern.
    4. Distinguished him/herself through achievements in their particular field of endeavor.

    Founders Award

Honorary Alumnus Award

    Selection Criteria:

    1. Presented to an individual who is not an alumnus/a of the University of Detroit.
    2. Has made significant and outstanding contributions of time, effort or resources to the activities of the Alumni Association or to the University and Alumni sponsored or supported activities.
    3. The contributions must be discriminately above and beyond the “call of duty” to quality.

    Honorary Alumnus Award

Honorary Degrees

McNichols Distinguished Achievement Award

    The McNichols Award has been designed to serve the purpose of recognizing individuals, both alumni and non-alumni, who have distinguished themselves by their achievements in their particular fields of endeavor. Since the McNichols Award is presented in the name of the University of Detroit, recipients of the award may be designated only by the President of the University. Recipients may be nominated for consideration by the President by any individual or agency within or outside the University Community. The University Relations Office and the board of Director of the Alumni Association will serve as major sources for nominations.

    The criteria for selection of recipients of the McNichols Distinguished Achievement Award are:

    1. Appropriateness of public recognition of the individual;
    2. Notable achievement by the individual in his/her chosen field; and
    3. Availability of the individual to receive the award in person upon a suitable occasion.

    The award may be presented upon any suitable occasion so deemed by the university President.

    McNichols Distinguished Achievement Award

Mercy College of Detroit Distinguished Alumni Award Criteria

    Nominations are accepted from alumni, faculty members, administrative staff, and trustees for the Distinguished Alumni Award. Minimum criteria include:

    1. Must be a graduate of Mercy College of Detroit.
    2. Must have excelled in or achieved special distinction in a significant field of endeavor such as:
      1. a. Church affiliated organizations

        b. Civic Affairs

        c. Home Manager

        d. Professional Field

        e. Professional organizations and affiliations

        f. Volunteer Services

    3. Must be present to accept the award.

    A committee of alumni, faculty and administrative staff will review all nominations submitted and they will have the responsibility of designating the recipient(s), who will:

    1. Be honored as the Distinguished Alumni
    2. Receive an inscribed certificate
    3. Have his/her name included on a special College plaque
    4. Give the Benediction at the Reunion
    5. Receive a complimentary ticket to the Reunion.

    Alumni Achievement Award: For significant and broad accomplishments in business or professional life.

    Alumni Community Service Award: For specific and meritorious service to the community, state or nation.

    Alumni College Service Award: For sustained leadership and service to Mercy College of Detroit.

    Citation for Merit

    Young Alumni Award: For significant accomplishments or outstanding service by an alumnus 35 or under.

    Outstanding Senior Award: For a graduating senior chosen on the basis of academic excellence, outstanding leadership and active involvement in student, College and volunteer activities.

    Mercy Medallion

      The Works of Mercy Dinner where the Mercy Medallion was presented provided an opportunity for Mercy College of Detroit to recognize and thank those honored for their service to the people of Detroit and Michigan through their own personal works of Mercy.

      The College focused on traditional and contemporary works of mercy that have value for us all and recognized the individuals who have made them a part of their lives.

      1. Traditional works of mercy include feeding the hungry, caring for the sick and impoverished and educating the unlearned.
      2. Today, works of mercy are those which improved the condition of humanity such as:
        • developing and contributing to programs which address health, educational, cultural or environmental concerns
        • furthering the progress of a community
        • fostering justice and peace
        • addressing the critical problems associated with substance abuse and caring for our citizens, particularly our youth and our elderly.

      Mercy Medallion

    President's Cabinet Award

    President's Cabinet Medallion

    Professors Emeriti

      Professor / Dean / Senior Librarian Emeritus is a rank conferred upon a retired full-time faculty member, dean, or librarian by the President of the University. To be eligible a faculty member, librarian, or dean must have

      • Retired with the rank of Professor or Senior Librarian
      • Provided distinguished citizenship to the University community through teaching for college/school faculty and delivery of reference or technical services for Senior Librarians, scholarship, and service or academic unit leadership, fiscal responsibility, and service for Deans.

      Professor Emerita

      Professor Emeritus

      Senior Librarian Emerita

      Dean Emeritus

    The Spirit of UDM: Alumni Achievement Award

    Alumni Nomination Criteria:

    • Nominee should be a respected member of his/her chosen profession (active or retired).
    • Nominee shall have recognized professional accomplishments.
    • Nominee should be engaged at UDM or with another civic/community organization.
    • Nominee must be available to receive the award in person.
    • Nominee shall not have received any University or School/College award in the last five years.

    The Spirit of UDM: Alumni Achievement Award

    Tower Award

      Selection Criteria:

      1. Must be an alumnus/a of the university either graduate or honorary.
      2. Has made significant contribution to the activities of the Alumni Association and the University which merit recognition in order to serve as an example to their fellow alumni members.
      3. Alumni who have distinguished themselves in their chosen career field or in non-alumni activities must be recognized in some other fashion or award.

      Tower Award

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