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Poetic Express Volume 24

In 2009, I kept up with my projects, including this one, the POETIC EXPRESS.  I was involved with several art exhibits and performances.  I started my For Art and Artists blog.  This was followed by three others.  Adventures and Resources is my catch all/ grab bag blog.  I write for the other two less often.  They're Cinema, Movies and Motion Pictures and I Hear Music, my musical explorations blog.  They're linked to at the front page of this site.

Issue Number 5 and 6 detail a list of seventeen items from my found object collection.  Number 7 included the poem the twins at 80, in honor of my mother and my Aunt Pat.

Surrealist Franklin Rosemont died in April.  I wrote the hum of the impossible in memory, in issue Number 8.  I only met him a few times, but I had a long postal correspondence with him and his wife Penelope.

In September, Numbers 17 and 18, I wrote three moon poems in response to U.S. plans to "attack the moon" (well, to shoot a rocket into it).  It sounds like it could be bad luck, to do that.  I was alerted to this by the Surrealists.

Numbers 23 and 24 comprise the 23rd annual Dedication Issues.  the hunt is for French artist Gerard Sendrey, who I met in 1996.  Old Blue River is for Rahsaan Roland Kirk.  dusty scenario (hidden muse) is in memory of Athens, Georgia's singer-songwriter Vic Chesnutt.  I met him several times, including shortly before he died.  as the year ends is for surrealist Joseph Jablonskidelay loop is for Miles Davis.

Personal Favorites: Number 1's broken symphony, Number 4's abandoned house, Number 9's secret plots, Number 12's 10 a.m. nature scene, Number 15's transparency issues and Number  22's phantom pallette.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include numbers 2, 8, 12, 20 and 22.

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