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Poetic Express Volume 16

In 2001, I was really on the move!  It was a bad year in many ways.  The high point was that I started working here at the University of Detroit Mercy library.  I'd been back doing "retail time" at Value City, in Warren.  My friend Tim Knoll died this year, and I dedicated Old Lost Jug Band Song to him in Number 11.  I put out a third page in September to include my poem September 11, 2001 in Number 17.  It was written on September 12.  Issue Number 19 includes other responses to these attacks.

In the even numbered issues, I start a series of poems chronicling objects, things, parts and places.

The 15th annual Emotional Digest Issues in Numbers 22 and 23 contain further meditations on guilt, death, fear, and changing times. SURREAL THEATRE continues its impressions of a day.

Numbers 23 and 24's 15h annual Dedications Issues include a poem for my friend Jacques Karamanoukian that's titled authentic.  There is also one called Dedication, for poet Francois Villon and artist Pablo Picasso. Other poems are for two poets.  For Benjamin Peret, I "found" a poem called break.  I wrote Free Air for Federico Garcia Lorca.

Personal Favorites: Number 1's to be awake/awoken, Number 7's Book Hunger, Number 8's Brick with a tip of the hat to George Herriman's Krazy Kat, Number 9's the fabric of the world, Number 16's mirror, and Number 25's the ride.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites in this volume include Number 3, 5, 15, and 21.

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