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Poetic Express Volume 15

In 2000, I got the POETIC EXPRESS into the early stages of the new millennium.  It was a crazy year for me due to health problems.  Most of the year, I was out of a job.  There was more time being a full-time artist. I did work for the U.S. census. That was really interesting.  In October, I spent my birthday in New York.  I did a public art project and had a public screening of a short film starring my puppets.

Number 1 has a rubber stamp drawing.  Number 3 deals with articles of clothing and includes a paper cutout shape.  Number 4 has another "headline poem" collaged in the dada "tradition."

Numbers 21 and 22's 14th annual Emotional Digest includes explorations of extremes including laughter, love, crying, and terror. Also included is a poem called projected early yearnings.

Numbers 24 and 25 make up the 14th annual Dedications Issues including poems for three Surrealist artists.  For Jean Arp, I sought refuge.  For Joan Miro, I found a time trigger puzzle.  For Victor Brauner, there was a pirate song.  For actress Mary Pickford, I wrote silver cinema.  Then there were two photographers.  For Robert Capa, I wrote Black, White & Grey.  For Tina Modotti, I wrote snap.  For Miles Davis, I wrote the leap.  For comedian Stan Laurel, there was a Rocking Chair Dream.  Then there was a dual dedication to artists Vincent Van Gogh and Louise Bourgeois called the artist's paradox.  Number 19 has a poem called Parker dedicated to Mr. Charles Parker, genius musician.

Personal Favorites: Number 6's anniversary, Number 8's The Management of Hands, and Number 7's wet eyes.

SURREAL THEATRE favorites include Numbers 4, 6 (in pencil), 12, and 20.

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