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Poetic Express Volume 21

In 2006, the Zeitgeist Arts Space was still going strong.  I worked with them, including the Visual Jam Sessions.  I did the poster for the Dally in the Alley.  I did some puppet shows and played music with the Space Band and the Don't Look Now Jug Band.  I was in art exhibits at the Cass Cafe and CAID arts spaces.

Poetic Express Volume 22

In 2007, I curated a four person exhibit for the Zeitgeist Arts Venue.  It was called Windows to Other Worlds (with Select Artifacts).  That was in March and April.  In July, we held a big ten year anniversary celebration there.  I  painted a large, triangular grouping of windows for a benefit.  In September, I was part of a Telephone Game group exhibit in a gallery in Detroit's Eastern Market.  Then too, I did a number of musical and puppet performances.  At the end of the year, this Special Collections site appeared here for the first time, live.

Poetic Express Volume 23

In 2008, I had a great year.  Early on, we worked on this site. There were a few additions and refinements.  From May to July, I had an enormous exhibit at the MOCAD aka the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.  It was part of a larger group exhibit.  I also exhibited my puppet collection here at the University of Detroit Mercy library.   In August, I got to New York City, as usual.  Then, the Zeitgeist Arts Space closed its doors in November.

Poetic Express Volume 24

In 2009, I kept up with my projects, including this one, the POETIC EXPRESS.  I was involved with several art exhibits and performances. I started my For Art and Artists blog.  This was followed by three others. Adventures and Resources is my catch all/ grab bag blog.  I write for the other two less often.  They're Cinema, Movies and Motion Pictures and I Hear Music, my musical explorations blog.  They're linked to at the front page of this site.

Poetic Express Volume 25

In 2010, the POETIC EXPRESS reached 25.  It's been going for a quarter of a century and is still kicking.  I had a small solo exhibit at the MOSAIC Gallery on Detroit's east side.  It turned out to be the last show that they had there.  Around the same time, my friend Ron Allen died, out in California.  Mick Vranich and Mary Laredo Herbeck also had died this year.  All three were great people and mainstays of the Detroit arts scene.

Poetic Express Volume 26

In 2011, we added a lot of images to this site.  This included new sections on my Hudson's Building street art project, collages and pegboard drawings.  It was an interesting year, full of changes and transitions, more good than bad.  I was in three group art exhibits.  One, only lasted a day, but it was still good.  I kept drawing, painting, singing and making music. Adventures!

Poetic Express Volume 27

2012 was a good, busy year. I added more to this site. We got the Poetic Express section caught up. Images were added to the Index Card Art and Black and White Drawings Collections. I did concerts with Spaceband and the Fireflies. These included shows at the Steak Hut, the DLECTRICITY festival and at the Music Hall Café. I kept up my writing, drawing and painting.

Poetic Express Volume 28

In 2013 I added quite a bit to this digital archive, around 700 image files.  It was another busy year.  It started with my participation in the exhibition Black Detroit 21 at the Work Detroit art space.  I did a new group of paintings and drawings for it.  Also, the first four 2013 issues of the POETIC EXPRESS were connected to and inspired by this exhibit.

Poetic Express Volume 29

In 2014 I added around 340 image files to this archive.  In the Summer, I installed an exhibit called A History of Detroit's Visual Arts Scene.  This was here at this library.  It explored some of the early history including the creation of the Detroit Institute of Arts.  I drew on my own experience to chronicle the years from 1977 to 2014.  There were a great many art shows held at a wide variety of galleries and other venues.

Poetic Express Volume 30

In 2015 I added around 260 images to this collection. The POETIC EXPRESS marked its 30-year anniversary.  The library held an exhibition The Poetic Express in Context 1985-2015.  We also held an exhibit centered around the Halloween holiday.  In early Autumn, I was part of an exhibit called What We Found at Detroit's Ellen Kayrod Gallery.  The other artists in the show were Tim Burke and Jennifer Gariepy.  It was generally a good and very busy year.

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Records (30)

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