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Original name: A. C. Dodge

Ship owner: Tanker A.C. Dodge, Inc. I.S. Bushey & Sons British American Oil Co.

Registry number: US. 241603

Vessel type: Tanker

Original name: A. T. Lowmaster

Other name(s): Wilfred M. Cohen

Ship owner: McLean & Son Edward O. Sanchez Chesapeake & Ohio Railway

Registry number: US. 255423; C.318428

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Abegweit

Other name(s): Abby

Ship owner: Dominion Dept. of Transport Columbia Yacht Club

Registry number: C. 175450

Vessel type: Train Ferry Icebreaker

Original name: Alhajuela

Other name(s): Evans McKeil Barbara Ann

Ship owner: United States Government McKeil Boat Works Malcolm

Registry number: US. 529835

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Alice

Other name(s): Hibou

Ship owner: Tocutex Pan-American Steamship Co. Minister of Railways and Canals J. Tackaberry Booth Fisheries Canadian, Ltd.

Registry number: C. 122260

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight Tender

Original name: Alpena

Other name(s): Duke Luedke

Ship owner: Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp. Luedke Engineering Co. Great Lakes Towing Co.

Registry number: US. 216022

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Amherstburg

Other name(s): Irving Poplar

Ship owner: McQueen Marine, Ltd. K.C. Irving & Co.

Registry number: C. 311344

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Ann Arbor No. 6

Other name(s): Arthur K. Atkinson

Ship owner: Ann Arbor Railroad

Registry number: US. 214656

Vessel type: Train Ferry

Original name: Ann Arbor No. 7

Other name(s): Viking

Ship owner: Ann Arbor Railroad

Registry number: US. 224430

Vessel type: Train Ferry

Original name: Bayshell

Ship owner: Shell Oil Co., Ltd.

Registry number: C. 325745

Vessel type: Tanker

Original name: Beaver Islander

Ship owner: Beaver Island Boat Co.

Registry number: US. 289010

Vessel type: Ferry

Original name: Beavercliffe Hall

Other name(s): Quedoc

Ship owner: Hall Corp. of Canada

Registry number: C. 323008

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Bide A Wee

Ship owner: Welch's Lock Tours

Registry number: US. 269522

Vessel type: Excursion

Original name: Boston Socony

Other name(s): Val_51 Lio_ J. L. Latimer

Ship owner: Standard-Vacuum Transportation Co. Standard Transportation Co. Socony-Vacuum Oil Co. Magnolia Petroleum Co. Jocharanne Tugboat Corp.

Registry number: US. 272580

Vessel type: Tanker

Original name: Bruce Hudson

Other name(s): Witcroix Coastal Cliff

Ship owner: Witcroix, Ltd. Witcroix Corp. Transit Tankers and Terminals, Ltd. Lloyd Refineries Coastalake Tankers Canadian Sealakers, Ltd.

Registry number: C. 158658

Vessel type: Steamer Tanker Barge

Original name: Butterfield

Other name(s): L. T. 145 John Purves Butterfield

Ship owner: Roen Steamship Co. U.S. Shipping Board U.S. Navy Newaygo Tug Line Eder Barge & Towing Co. Consolidated Water Power & Paper Co. Canonie Corp.

Registry number: US. 218244

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Cabot

Other name(s): Canadian Explorer

Ship owner: Gulf Ports Steamship Co. Newfoundland Steamship, Ltd. Upper Lakes Shipping, Ltd. Dingwall Shipping Co.

Registry number: C. 323003

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Calgary

Other name(s): Bacoi

Ship owner: Lake Tankers Corp. Standard Oil Co. Mt. Hope Steamship Co. J.Richardson & Sons J. Playfair Bacoi Shipping Co.

Registry number: BR. 133514;US.214090

Vessel type: Freighter

Original name: Cedarbranch

Other name(s): Secola Kito Maru

Ship owner: Naviera Ceralvo Sea-Coast Lines Marine Industries, Ltd.

Registry number: C. 192529

Vessel type: Tanker

Original name: Chicago Socony

Other name(s): Mobil Chicago

Ship owner: Socony Mobil Oil Co.

Registry number: US. 265762

Vessel type: Tanker

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Records (87)

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