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Original name: Calcite

Ship owner: Calcite Transportation Co. Bradley Transportation Co.

Registry number: US. 209763

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter, self unloader

Original name: Calgary

Other name(s): Bacoi

Ship owner: Lake Tankers Corp. Standard Oil Co. Mt. Hope Steamship Co. J.Richardson & Sons J. Playfair Bacoi Shipping Co.

Registry number: BR. 133514;US.214090

Vessel type: Freighter

Original name: City of Detroit III

Ship owner: Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co.

Registry number: US. 209571

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight, sidewheel

Original name: Easton

Ship owner: Quebec, Labrador & North Shore Railway Co., Ltd. Colonial Steamships, Ltd. Mathews Steamship Co., Ltd.

Registry number: C. 132069

Vessel type: Freighter

Original name: Fordonian

Other name(s): Yukondoc Georgian Badger State

Ship owner: Paterson Steamships, Ltd. Northwest Steamship Co., Ltd. Federal Motorships, Inc. Canada Steamship Lines Canada Interlake Line, Ltd. Canada Atlantic Transit Co. American Mediterranean Steamship Co.

Registry number: US. 214598;C.133077

Vessel type: Freighter

Original name: Gary

Other name(s): Oneida Iroquois Green Bay Alaska

Ship owner: Wellington Towing Great Lakes Towing Co. Seaway Towing Inc. C. Reiss Coal Co.

Registry number: US. 210878

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Iocoma

Other name(s): Imperial Whitby George S. Cleet BayGeorge

Ship owner: Imperial Oil Co., Ltd. Bayswater Shipping, Ltd.

Registry number: C. 132745

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Kwasino

Ship owner: Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Registry number: C. 130318

Vessel type: Ferry

Original name: Louis R. Davidson

Other name(s): Ferndale Dow Chemical Diamond Alkali

Ship owner: Westdale Shipping, Ltd. Boland & Cornelius Reoch [Leadale Steamship Co., Ltd.]

Registry number: US. 209971

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Q. A. Gilmore

Other name(s): R.E. Petterson Reiss

Ship owner: Saugatuck Marine Museum R. E. Peterson C. Reiss Coal Co. Great Lakes Towing Co.

Registry number: US. 211152

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: William J. McCarthy

Other name(s): Vixen Central Alice St. Philip A.T.S. Tug No. 6

Ship owner: U.S. Army Quartermasters Dept. St. Philip Coastal Towing Co. Port Everglades Towing Co. Becker Towing Co. Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. Michigan Limestone Co.

Registry number: US. 209789

Vessel type: Tug

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Records (11)

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