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Original name: A. E. McKinstry

Other name(s): Kindersley

Ship owner: Merchants-Mutual Line Canada Steamship Lines British Ministry of Transport

Registry number: C. 129491

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Alabama

Ship owner: W. W. Stender Paxton Mendelsohn Kirby Lines Goodrich Transit Co. Cris-Car-Ala Corp. Chicago, Duluth & Georgian Bay Transit Co.

Registry number: US. 207138

Vessel type: Barge

Original name: Allegheny

Other name(s): George D. Dixon Concon Angol

Ship owner: Great Lakes Transit Corp. Erie & Western Transportation Co. Cia de Muelles de la Poblacion Vergara Campania Chileana de Navigacion Interoceanica

Registry number: US. 207792

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Ann Arbor No. 5

Ship owner: U.S. Maritime Commission Hudson Waterways Bultema Dock & Dredge Co. Ann Arbor Railroad

Registry number: US. 208261

Vessel type: Train Ferry

Original name: Arlington

Ship owner: Rutland Transit Co. New England Fuel & Transportation Co., Inc. New England Coal and Coke Co. Mystic Steamship Co.

Registry number: U.S. 207300

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Brandon

Ship owner: Rutland Transit Co. Rutland-Lake Michigan Transit Co. Mystic Steamship Co.

Registry number: US. 207301

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Canadiana

Other name(s): Pleasurama

Ship owner: Toledo Excursion Lines, Inc. S. Parella Pleasurama Excursion Lines, Inc. Lake Erie Excursion Co. Crystal Beach Transit Co.

Registry number: US. 207479

Vessel type: Passenger

Original name: Charles S. Price

Ship owner: Mahoning Steamship Co.

Registry number: US. 207539

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Grand Island

Other name(s): Lesco F. M. Osborne

Ship owner: C.J. Fix Lorain-Elyria Sand Co. Osborne Material Co., Cleveland, Ohio Buffalo & Grand Island Ferry Co.

Registry number: US. 207917

Vessel type: Ferry (later dredge)

Original name: Horicon

Ship owner: Champlain Transportation Co.

Registry number: None (inland waters)

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight, sidewheel

Original name: Islinda

Ship owner: Stony Lake Navigation Co. P.P. Young

Registry number: C. 126772

Vessel type: Passenger

Original name: Levis

Ship owner: Quebec & Levis Ferry Co., Ltd. Ogdensburg & Prescott Ferry Co. Ltd. McNamara Construction Co., Ltd.

Registry number: C. 126842

Vessel type: Ferry

Original name: Saskatoon

Other name(s): Willowbranch Rosemount Ile de Montreal Empire Tadpole Creek Transport Coastal Creek Basingcreek

Ship owner: Marine Industries, Ltd. Merchants-Mutual Line McNamara & Porter Hall Corp. of Canada Coastalake Tankers British Ministry of Transport Canada Steamship Lines Basingwells Steamship Co.

Registry number: C. 123965

Vessel type: Tanker Freighter

Original name: William C. Moreland

Other name(s): Sir Trevor Dawson Parkdale Gene C. Hutchinson Charles L. Hutchinson

Ship owner: Reoch (Redwood Enterprises) Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Pioneer Steamship Co. American Interlake Line

Registry number: US. 207851

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

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Records (14)

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