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Original name: Easton

Other name(s): Le Sahel Apache

Ship owner: W.H. Singer Vernisse, Menard & Haccoon J. W. Elwell & Co. H.W. Williams French Government C.C. Wheeler A. Booth Packing Co.

Registry number: US. 136568

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight, propeller

Original name: Edna G

Ship owner: Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range Railroad F.E. House J.L. Greatsinger Duluth & Iron Range Railroad

Registry number: US. 136545

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Frank Rockefeller

Other name(s): South Park Meteor

Ship owner: Pittsburgh Steamship Co. Nicholson-Universal Steamship Co. Erie Steamship Co. Cleveland Tankers, Inc. Central Dredging Co. Bessemer Steamship Co. American Steel Barge Co.

Registry number: US.121015

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter, whaleback

Original name: L.C. Waldo

Other name(s): Riverton Mohawk Deer

Ship owner: Winnipeg Steamship Co. Mathews Steamship Co., Ltd. Mohawk Navigation Co., Ltd. Colonial Steamship Co. Detroit, Michigan Roby Transportation Co. Beaconsfield Steamship Co.

Registry number: US 141421

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Maricopa

Other name(s): John P. Geistman E.E. Johnson D.B. Weldon Altadoc

Ship owner: Minnesota Steamship Co. Pittsburgh Steamship Co. N. M. Paterson & Sons, Ltd. Lakehead Transportation Co., Ltd. J.P. Geistman Great Lakes Lumber & Shipping Co. Ltd. Goderich Elevator & Transit Co.

Registry number: US. 92736

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Sir Henry Bessemer

Other name(s): Wolverine Michael J. Bartelme

Ship owner: Roen Steamship Co. Valley Camp Steamship Co. Pittsburgh Steamship Co. Merritt-Chapman & Scott Corp. Columbia Transportation Co. Bessemer Steamship Co.

Registry number: US.116723

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Sir William Fairbairn

Ship owner: Buckeye Steamship Co. Pittsburgh Steamship Co. Gamma Lake Ship Co. Bessemer Steamship Co.

Registry number: US. 116736

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: W. D. Rees

Other name(s): Leetsdale

Ship owner: Cargo Carriers, Inc. T. J. McCarthy Steamship Co. Wilson Transit Co. Bethlehem Transportation Co.

Registry number: US. 81535

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

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Records (8)

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