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Original name: Bannockburn

Ship owner: Montreal Trans. Co.

Registry number: BR. 102093

Vessel type: Freighter

Original name: Chippewa

Ship owner: Niagara Navigation Co. Canada Steamship Lines

Registry number: C. 100753

Vessel type: Passenger, sidewheel

Original name: Christopher Columbus

Ship owner: World's Fair Steamship Co. Chris-Car-Ala Corp. Goodrich Transit Co. Columbian Transit Co.

Registry number: US. 126952

Vessel type: Day Excursion whaleback

Original name: City of Alpena

Other name(s): Normil Leona City of Saugatuck City of Alpena II

Ship owner: Roen Steamship Co. Northern Paper Co. Graham & Morton Transportation Co. Goodrich Transit Co. Detroit & Cleveland Steam Navigation Co.

Registry number: US. 126974

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight, sidewheel

Original name: Eldorado

Ship owner: Popham Beach Steamboat Co. Sloan, Cowles & Sloan

Registry number: US. 136349

Vessel type: Excursion

Original name: George J. Gould

Other name(s): Nassau Granville A. Richardson Glencairn

Ship owner: Nassau Ship & Dredge Co. Union Steamboat Line Lake Erie Transportation Co. Great Lakes Transportation Co. Fitzsimmons & Connell Dredge & Dock Co.

Registry number: US. 86267;C.138216

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Josie

Ship owner: J. Beck Rose O'Donnell H. Williamson

Registry number: US. 77112

Vessel type: Tug

Original name: Lotus

Ship owner: W. L. Martin Snows Transit Co. Escanaba & Gladstone Line Carrow Towing Co.

Registry number: US. 141298

Vessel type: Tug Passenger and Freight, propeller

Original name: Merida

Ship owner: Valley Camp Steamship Co. Gilchrist Transportation Co. D. Sullivan & Co. D. C. Whitney Transportation Co.

Registry number: US.92514

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: S.S. Curry

Other name(s): P. W. Sherman Elmore E. G. Mathiott

Ship owner: Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Valley Camp Steamship Co. Columbia Transportation Co. W. A. & A. H. Hawgood

Registry number: US. 116558

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: William H. Gratwick

Other name(s): Minnekahta Glenlyon

Ship owner: Western Transit Co. United States Transit Co. Great Lakes Transportation Co. Graham & Morton Transportation Co. Drake & Maytham Chicago & Duluth Transportation Co. Canada Atlantic Transit Co.

Registry number: US 81427

Vessel type: Package freighter

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Records (11)

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