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Original name: 104

Ship owner: American Steel Barge Co.

Registry number: US.53257

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter (Barge), whaleback

Original name: Charles H. Bradley

Ship owner: O. W. Blodgett

Registry number: US. 126653

Vessel type: Steam barge

Original name: Duluth

Other name(s): City of Port Huron City of Cheboygan

Ship owner: State of Michigan E. M. Carleton S. T. Norrell

Registry number: US. 157279

Vessel type: Ferry

Original name: Edward Smith

Other name(s): Zillah

Ship owner: Zillah Trans. Co. O. W. Blodgett Mitchell & Co.

Registry number: US. 136106

Vessel type: Steam barge

Original name: Emily P. Weed

Other name(s): Sevona

Ship owner: Hollister Transportation Co. C. H. Woodruff A.J. McBrier

Registry number: US.136129

Vessel type: Combination Freighter

Original name: Eugene C. Hart

Other name(s): Norland

Ship owner: St. Joseph-Chicago Steamship Company Hart Transportation Co. Green Bay Transportation Co. Arnold Transit Co.

Registry number: US. 136131

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight

Original name: Frank E. Kirby

Other name(s): Silver Spray Dover

Ship owner: Nicholson's Erie-Dover Ferry Line Detroit-Kingville Line Ashley & Dustin Steamer Line

Registry number: US. 120796

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight, sidewheel

Original name: Henry R. James

Other name(s): John S. Thom

Ship owner: Rutland Transit Co. Quebec & Levis Ferry Co., Ltd.

Registry number: US. 96155; C.126388

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Indiana

Ship owner: Mills Construction Co. Goodrich Transit Co. Arundel Corp.

Registry number: US. 100471

Vessel type: Passenger and Freight, propeller

Original name: James R. Langdon

Other name(s): Charles A. Shaw

Ship owner: Rutland Transit Co. Quebec & Levis Ferry Co., Ltd.

Registry number: US. 76839

Vessel type: Package freighter

Original name: Joseph L. Colby

Other name(s): Bay State

Ship owner: Smith-Truby Sand Co. White Oak Transportation Co. American Steel Barge Co. Boutell Steel Barge Co. Pittsburgh Steamship Co.

Registry number: US.76933

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter, whaleback

Original name: La Salle

Other name(s): Howard Hindman Forestdale Eastrich

Ship owner: Reoch Transports, Ltd. Pittsburgh Steamship Co. (U. S. Steel Corp.) Pittsburgh Steamship Co. (Carnegie) Lake Superior Iron Co. Hindman Trans. Eastern Terminals Co. Atlas Steamship Co.

Registry number: US. 141050

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: Nyanza

Other name(s): Landbo

Ship owner: Jos. L. Boland Great Lakes Towing Co. A.J. McBrier Boland & Cornelius

Registry number: US. 130462

Vessel type: Bulk Freighter

Original name: U.S.L.H.T. Marigold

Other name(s): Miss Mudhen II

Ship owner: U.S. Lighthouse Service U.S. Coast Guard Michigan Dredging Co. Lyons Construction Co.

Vessel type: Lighthouse Tender

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Records (14)

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