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Dichotomy: School of Architecture Student Journal

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01 Edison's Apparition installation, front view detail

02 objects in the shell

03 Elektra Entertainment, top view of waxed steel stair with leather treads

03c prairieweb

05 Constellation Screen, front view of water-jet perforations

05 warehouse: davis house

07 Performance Theater 1999, structural model

07 seedlingmotors

09 seedling tower


1 Capitol Park, detroit mi public urban space

1 Supporters attending Friday prayer in Tahrir Square on Feb. 11, 2011

1,000 Assembled Chassis, Record Daily Output from Ford Motor Company's Highland Park plant circa 1913

1. Revitalization of Urban Historic Districts

1.1 Bordeaux

1.2 Cincinnati

1.3 Conclusions

10 towerhouse

11 Hamlin Chapel and Library, view of chapel and garden

1163 Machuca

13 warehouse: davis house

14 electrorganic landscape

14 Korean Memorial + Cultural Center, interior view at level three

1527 Machuca

1538 Michelangelo

1550 Vignola

1559 Michelangelo

1642 Borromini

1658 Bernini

1663 Le Vau

1706 Mansart

1904 Eyre watercolor rendering on brown paper

1985 U of P Student

1989 David Childs


2 Lafayette Urban Gardens, detroit mi privately leased urban space

2 Motion capture at Access MoCap Bournemouth 2010(c)

2 Protesters in Libya's Tripoli Square during the civil war against Muammar Gaddafi's armed forces

2. Background Materials and Methods preservation in Bejing

2.1 Overview of historic

2.2. Overview of the architectural components of Hutong neighborhood

2.2.1. Siheyuan

2.2.2. Hutong, the alleyway

2.2.3 The cultural meaning of Hutong neighborhood

2.3. Evolution of Hutong neighborhood since 1960s

2.3.1 Densification

2.3.2 Widening of Road

2.3.3 Historic Preservation of Siheyuan and Hutong Neighborhood

2013 Distinguished Alumni Awards

2013 renovated studio spaces at the UDM, SOA


3 Campus Martius, detroit mi public urban space integrated with corporate sponsorships

3 CDC Projects in Over the Rhine

3 Total Lobbying Spending...(in BILLIONS) 1998-2010

3.0 Case Study

3.1. Restoration: Commercial Sector (East Dazhalan)

3.2. Reconstruction: Cultural Sector (West Dazhalan)

3.3. Neglected: The Local Community (North-South Dazhalan)

3_The Revolt of the Inards3

4 cities/ecologies/realities that form Bolzano: Agro-city, Poly-city, and City-in

4 Recession Statistics 2007-2009

4. Discussion

4.1 Evaluation of current scope and goals of preservation in Beijing

4.1.1 Museumification

4.1.2 Gentrification

4.1.3 False Preservation

4.2 Expanding scope and goals of preservation in Beijing

4.3. Design considerations in the expanded scope of preservation

4.3. Potential Design Methodologies

4.3.1 Typology and demographic

4.3.1. Daylight System

4.3.2 Wind System

4.3.2. Energy optimization

4.3.3 Computational and digital simulations tools

4.3.4. Conceptual reconsideration of traditional building elements

5 An empty Zuccotti Park after being purged by NYPD

5. Conclusion

50th Anniversary

6 An OWS Occupied Zuccotti Park

7 If the land in the United States were distributed like its wealth...


760 Wagner

8 US Wealth Distribution: Average income per family in the United States

9 An empty Tahrir Square

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