Celebrating Detroit! A Series of Student-Created Short Documentaries of Local Non-Profits

Pitera, Allegra, Darlene Franklin, Elizabeth Zouzal, Dan Radlick, Francisco Velazquez, Nick Yim, Ryan Campeau, and Troy Storm

The final project for the Introduction to Digital Media course, DMS 1800, is a series of  individual short documentary videos. The subject of the videos is a non-profit organization.  The audience for this series of videos are those unfamiliar with Detroit.  The intention behind the series of non-profit documentaries is to present the organizations, and Detroit, in a positive light, portraying the organization’s intrinsic value to our community and highlighting the need(s) that it fills.


The students in the Digital Media Studies 1800 course perform the interviews,  as well as record visuals and sound. The students gather diverse collections of images and video clips in their research and preparation for creating the videos.  The result is a collection of short videos that, as their Professor, I hope to display and celebrate at the Celebration of Scholarly Research 2011. These videos are created by students, for the public to enjoy; highlighting the many passionate non-profit organizations in and around the city of Detroit.