A Biblical Tour through the Sistine Chapel

Panyard, Christine M.

Michaelangelo began work on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in 1508 and finished in 1512.  My book, A Biblical Tour through the Sistine Chapel, celebrates the 500th anniversary of his work.  The book brings together his glorious painting with the scripture on which they were based and provides commentary on each picture to help the reader understand his work.  My book will be published by Ambassador Press, an imprint of Paulist Press and will be printed by the Vatican Press.  It will be available this fall and is the basis of a class I will teach through the Catholic Studies Program.  

I am not supposed to be able to do this.  After all, I am a psychology professor, not a member of the Religious Studies or History  departments.   I would like to share my experience with the UDM community.