What are Patient’s Perceptions About Oral Hygiene Instructions?

Ali, Taisir, Navneet Gill, Lina Eskander, Erin Relich, and Maureen Van Hook

The purpose of this investigation was to verify whether patients perceive that they benefit from getting oral hygiene instructions (OHI) during their dental prophylaxis/periodontal maintenance appointments. A survey was conducted on 88 University of Detroit Mercy (UDM), School of Dentistry patients of record while waiting in the waiting room for their dental appointment. The consent form for performing the investigation was obtained through UDM IRB approval (number131426). The results showed the majority of participants perceive that OHI was essential at a dental hygiene visit. They thought that their oral health had improved after receiving OHI. This information will benefit dental professionals because it will reinforce the benefits of providing patient education. Chachra et al. (2011), stated that the “most effective and essential way of improving a patient’s oral health status was through education”. The results of this study confirmed that most of the participants indeed perceived that OHI was significant and essential at the dental visit. It was recommended by the investigators that every dental care provider should offer OHI to their patients due to the significant impact it can have on their homecare and overall oral health.