A Languate for Transformative Urbanism

Moore, Dorian

“You know, there‟s an old saying in the business world, if it works, it‟s obsolete. And it‟s only when a thing has become obsolete that everybody is sufficiently familiar with it to make it work.....”
-Marshall McLuhan

This Paper asks the question : Are cities obsolete? As our world becomes more globalized, our approaches to revitalization and competitiveness must become more unique, creative, and insightful. My current research has brought me to understand in some detail three cities each at different stages of [de]velopment; one, Detroit, which is shrinking, one, Cleveland, which is stabilizing, and a third, Pittsburg which has transformed. All three cities have used similar techniques to [re]develop. All three are a part of an emerging area called the Lake Belt. All are examples of what I have termed the “City of Opportunity”.

This Paper will present the formulation of a Language for Transformative Urbanism through the investigation of these three cities. Cities must look at their inherent characteristics not as positive or negative, but as what is. It is only by reconstructing our view of what constitutes “city” that we can create a common platform for the advancement of urbanism.