Developing Intellidrive -101 Course

Dutta, Utpal, and Peter Savolainen

IntelliDrive is an initiative aimed at improving transportation system safety and operational efficiency through technologies that allow vehicles to communicate with the roadway infrastructure and with one another. A number of test bed activities are currently taking place throughout the country, including several in Michigan, to examine the feasibility of IntelliDrive in term of application, communication and approaches to integration.

Within this context, major investments and the cooperation of numerous public and private agencies are required. However, as IntelliDrive activities have emerged only recently and much of the activity is of a proprietary nature, documentation is scant and there are no authoritative resource texts. In order to encourage investment and participation in IntelliDrive activities by the transportation community, as well as public buy-in, a clear understanding of IntelliDrive is required. An introductory IntelliDrive course can play a significant role in this context. The proposed course will educate potential stakholders, including public agencies, private corporations, and the traveling public, and thus facilitate their participation in the future of IntelliDrive.