Improving Health Care Access and Services to the Underserved in Detroit Through Program and Research Grants Involving the McAuley Health Center

Conley, Joyce, Tracey Chan, Lori Glenn, Carla Groh, Renee McCune, and Suzanne Mellon

The presentation will describe improvements in health care services to the underserved based on recently awarded program and research grants to the University of Detroit Mercy and its academic nurse managed center, the McAuley Health Center. The grants involve faculty of the College of Health Profession and practitioners of the Center.

The McAuley Nurse Managed Health Center is located on the east side of Detroit, a very economically distressed and underserved area of Detroit, where residents have great difficulty accessing primary care. Primary health care services to children have been added to adult services as a result of a program grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has funded two research grants involving the Center; one is a health lifestyle change program for obese African American women, the other educates Center staff on how to identify and work with individual clients who may have health literacy challenges. The Center's nurse practitioners are providing healthy nutrition lifestyle education in Highland Park schools as a result of a program grant from the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. Uninsured women can receive breast and cervical cancer screening at the Center through a program funded by the state of Michigan. Additionally, a research grant from the Komen Foundation expanded hereditary breast cancer risk assessment to low-income Arab American, African American and Latina women.