HIV Patients and Dental Implant Success

Almariego, May, Talonda Coleman, and Kara Thibault


The purpose of our table clinic is to explore the facts that debate the idea of dental implant placement in patient‟s positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus also known as (HIV). Our research will show that dental implants are not contraindicated in HIV patients and their success rate is comparable to those placed in systemically healthy patients approved for placement.


There are many considerations when placing an implant – particularly on a patient who is immuno-suppressant. This presentation will discuss HIV and it‟s manifestations on the oral cavity and dental implants. This presentation will also discuss different stages of HIV and how it affects healing time on bone. We believe that HIV will affect the healing time on implants, but not the failure rate.


In conclusion, the placements of dental implants are not contraindicated in otherwise healthy HIV positive patients. Although there must be modifications made to the treatment method and oral hygiene care prompted to the patient, the dental implant maybe apart of successful and thorough aspect of dental care. This information allows the dental hygienist to provide not only proper hygienic care for implant placement but it also allows for accurate information to be displayed to interested patients looking improving esthetics and function.