You Can Save a Smile Cerebral Palsy

Schwikert, Megan, Kristin Plaggemars, Kim Slomczenski, and Adrijana Petrovski


The purpose of this table clinic is to bring awareness about cerebral palsy and its varying types as well as the need for dental clinicians for these patients. Make clinicians knowledgeable about the cerebral palsy patient and how to make them more comfortable when receiving dental treatment. The importance of prevention of common dental ailments many cerebral palsy patients are afflicted with will be addressed. Dental aids for cerebral palsy patients will be discussed.


This presentation will discuss etiology information, and resources to manage this type of special care patient in the dental office. By incorporating prevention, treatment, and home aids we are hoping this will increase the awareness of many dental practitioners. We believe this population dental needs are not being met in order to maintain their oral health, which will affect their quality of life.


This table clinic is increasing the awareness of the manifestations associated with cerebral palsy and informing clinicians how to deal with them.