Tensor Fascia Latae Muscle: A Descriptive Study

Judd, Marlina, Cleo Vidican, and Mary Tracy Bee

The muscle tensor fascia lata (TFL) is a prominent muscle on the side of the upper lateral side of the thigh. It originates on the anterior part of the iliac crest and inserts into the iliotibial band (IT band). It is a muscle of great significance as it is used in many reconstructive surgeries and is incised during surgical approaches to the hip joint and femur. The TFL was observed and measured in cadavers varying in age, height, weight and gender. The length, width and thickness of the muscle were measured, along with the proximal and distal distances from the greater trochanter. On average, the TFL extends 5.13 mm beyond the greater trochanter, with a standard deviation of 1.8. The tensor fasciae latae was found to be longer on the left side in every cadaver, although not significantly (p=0.3682) and the belly of the muscle was found to be the thickest on both the right and left sides (p=0.04) relative to the proximal and distal parts.