Operation Care Abroad- Mission to Davao City, Philippines 2017

Maloni, Katherine, Tierney McCue, Joseph Shovan, Lisa Zetuna, Christina Zotos, and Michael Dosch

[This is a submission for Celebration of Service.]

Operation Care Abroad (OCA): Volunteers gather annually in Davao City, Philippines, to provide, without charge, much needed surgical services and anesthesia to individuals with limited financial resources who would otherwise do without. Volunteers (including five Detroit Mercy Nurse Anesthesia students) traveled to Davao City in January 2017 at their own expense, taking time away from their families and their studies. Student nurse anesthetists raised funds in order to make the journey. Students gave anesthesia under the direction of CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) volunteers. Major challenges included caring for a population that doesn’t have regular health care, and doing so with limited access to supplies and resources. For 14 years OCA has taken volunteers to the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) to work with local surgeons to perform cleft lip and palate repairs, thyroidectomies, hernioplasties, and other surgeries on individuals who would otherwise not have the resources for medical services.