Internationalizing UDM’s Programs through a Fulbright-Hays Group Project Abroad (GPA)

Grigg, Alan, Lara Wasner, Ann Eskridge, Roy Finkenbine, Renady Hightower, and Gail Presby

UDM was awarded a curriculum enhancement GPA to Brazil in 2016 which used collaborative learning, resulting in University faculty and Detroit K-12 teachers developing e-Portfolio curriculum projects. Participants’ will be able to: articulate the learning components and phases of the GPAs; discuss how collaboration with K-12 teachers advanced Detroit Mercy’s Strategic Plan internationalization goals; outline how the GPA experience informed learning, enhanced resources, afforded scholarly dialogue and research to the African-American experience; and apply principles to transform your program through a GPA. Included are an abstract describing the purpose of the Brazil GPA, learning outcomes and descriptions of each project phase: Phase I Pre-Departure: language learning; topical lectures-multiple perspectives of the African-American experience; e-Portfolio guidelines; Phase II In-Country: daily language instruction; scholarly lectures and site visits; interaction with the people of Brazil; project workshops; Phase III Project: completion and implementation; dissemination plan; assessment tools; survey results and performance data; and Information sheet that includes Fulbright Hays GPA link and University of Detroit Mercy’s GPA projects link.