Travel Profile of Livernois Avenue

Majzoub, Rasha, Seth Horwat, Nicole Walton, Vishnu Gangarapu, Islam Shahoumi, DeJohnte Carpenter, Hawa Hashm, Julia Babecki, and Utpal Dutta

Livernois Avenue is a north and south running road that has two lanes and a parking lane or shoulder on both sides. The north and south sides are divided by a grass median with some shrubbery and small trees. Between McNichols and Eight Mile road there are six traffic signals for north bound traffic and seven traffic signals for south bound traffic. Recently the north and south bound lanes between Seven Mile Road and St. Martins Ave have been converted to one lane of traffic, a parking lane, and a bike path.

Since this traffic shift is not permanent, a traffic study has been conducted to determine the impact of this traffic configuration on traffic flow. GPS based equipment was used to log travel speed, number of delays and number of stops. Data was collected during noon and after-noon peak hours between the signals. This data was used to compare the travel attributes of the journey between the newly configured segment with other segments (both North and South bound). Information related to number of parking spaces as well as business traffic was also collected. This study will highlight the relative level of service of the newly configured segment.