Public Transportation

Lor, Kia, Mari Landis, Zigmond Kozicki, and stephanie kerner

The group did this poster presentationf for HSA 3450 Health Risk and Promotion. The group decided to this topic because of how downtown Detroit is making all kinds of changes.  The city of Detroit is recognizing that there are many issues that limit how people travel downtown and that if there are alternates to traveling to Detroit, the city could once again be an attractive city to visit.  The group decided on this topic because public transportation gives the individual so much in return for the benefits and not just the city.  Also the city of Detroit is realizing that for people to visit the people mover and buses were not going to enough.  The new addition of the MI rail was added to make traveling much easier.  Like any other type of public transportation the city knows that there will be issues with new types of public transportation but is hoping that as people use the new systems, problems will not be an issue.