Clinical Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation

Cleveland, Sandra

Background: The need for increased numbers of adjunct faculty to teach in clinical settings has increased dramatically in response to increased numbers of students enrolled in nursing programs. Adjunct faculty members are expert clinicians who want to maintain their current employment within a health care setting while also teaching on a part-time basis. A challenge presented itself to provide orientation to approximately 15 adjunct faculty members. The Course Director developed a course specific, multimedia-based clinical adjunct training program to help these nurses acquire clinical teaching skills and knowledge.

Description of Orientation Creation: A vital piece for publishing the online orientation program was the use of presentation software that provides both a combined audio and video (multimedia) format. When the presentation is opened, viewers will hear audio that is synchronized with the PowerPoint slides. The researcher created an approximately 30-minute orientation presentation using this format.

Implications: The clinical adjunct faculty online orientation turned out to be a successful project that can be replicated by course directors of most clinical courses and attempted for adjunct faculty who teach lecture courses. If clinical courses have more than one topic area (example: medical-surgical nursing and psychiatric nursing), the first part of the presentation can be devoted to common themes throughout the course that target all adjuncts. The middle parts of the presentation can be subdivided by the specific area of nursing. The final portion of the program can summarize the program and reiterate contact information for course directors and establish the feedback route.

Conclusion: Engaging adjunct faculty in a structured yet user-friendly technologybased orientation program can be an invaluable resource to course directors who are challenged with providing the necessary information for the clinical course within a short timeframe. The multimedia-based orientation format is a cost- and time-effective solution to train adjunct faculty.