Health Equity

Anulare, Samantha, Keona Small, and Olivia Elias

              The United States of America is a melting pot that is comprised of many different racial and ethnic groups. Thus, many factors affect the health of these individuals. Our group, is a diverse group therefore, the subject of health equity and health disparities in minority groups is a topic that interests all of us. Our group members include Keona Small, Samantha Anulare, and Olivia Elias. During our first group meeting we exchanged and discussed topic ideas. We thought of ideas such as; immunization campaigns, and the ACA, before deciding on the topic health equity and disparities in minority groups. Each member was responsible for gathering information to discuss at our second group meeting. We decided that we would start a group chat via text. This helped us share ideas easily and rapidly, it also kept the conversation lasting.