The Digital Image in Space - Check Please

Bernasconi, Claudia, Fatemeh Shanehsazzadeh, Jeremy Mizak, Kylie Birney, Linda Sloulin, Scott Schaible, and Stephen Mounteer

The "Digital Image in Space" design studio is an interdisciplinary course offered in the School of Architecture focusing on the investigation of digital media (images, sounds, videos) in space. Products of the course include the creation of media projects investigating the boundaries of architecture, video, theatre and art. The course, taken by third and fourth Digital Media Studies students and Graduate Architecture students, involved the design of video installations resulting from an in-depth study of themes and their rendition through the understanding of dynamics of imagery in space. Thematic research is conducted while experimenting with lo-fi video and audio techniques. This year’s course studied the short play by Jonathan Rand “Check Please”. Students had the opportunity to collaborate with Melinda Pacha and Andrew Papa, and students from the Performing Arts program, and the UDM Theater Company. Themes explored in the video installations ranged from self-centeredness and self-consumption, superficial desire, obliviousness to outside perspectives, to debilitating phobias and isolation.