Academic Stress among African-American Students

Eboh, Relicious, Zia Muntford, Aleksandar Tasich, Lingfei Tang, Monika Sata, and Kristen Abraham

The present study was completed by students in the Health Disparities Research Coordination Network of the ReBUILDetroit Consortium.  This aspect of the study was assessed the associations between college major and First Generation status with academic stress among African American undergraduate students.
Previous research studies have found that African Americans are underrepresented within Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) fields, and that they may be less likely to complete STEM degrees. Based on this background information, it was hypothesized that African American students who undertake STEM majors are likely to experience more educational stress than African American students who are in a non-science major. It is also hypothesized that First Generation students experience more academic stress when compared to other students. This poster will include a presentation and discussion of results from a set of questions that were collected as part of a larger online survey.