Is Geographic Location and Social Support Associated with College Students’ Stress Levels?

Paupert, Jace, Monika Sata, Lingfei Tang, and Kristen Abraham

The present study was completed by students in the Health Disparities Research Coordination Network of the ReBUILDetroit Consortium.  This aspect of the study was designed to assess whether or not the degree of rurality of one’s hometown and levels of social support are associated with stress levels in college students. Previous studies have shown that urban residents report lower levels of social support in comparison to rural counterparts. It has also been found that individuals residing in central regions of urban areas or borders of rural areas are more likely to report experiencing stress. Students that report low levels of satisfaction in social support during times of great stress also show lower levels of overall well-being. Based on this background information, it was hypothesized that lower levels of social support and lower degree of rurality correlate with higher levels of stress. This poster will include a presentation and discussion of results from an online survey questionnaire that was completed by a sample of UDM students.