Using Requirements Engineering for Video Game Development

Schneider, Christian, Robert Pytel, Cody Smith, and Rawa Alda

Requirements engineering is essential and lends multiple benefits to the practice of software engineering applications, such as a unified language for the requirements document, organized constraints and limitations, and calculated risk and security analysis. Developing a new video game requires applying the software engineering concepts. The most important factor of video game success is the requirements. It has been observed that videogames in general incorporate both requirements engineering and databases when undergoing development. Based on analyzing the video game requirements, a new single player PC game has been developed. This game, titled Omniverse, is 2D, roguelike, randomly-generated, and in three-fourths view. The front-end application has been built using Java and connected to a database server accessed via the internet. This application requires an initial connection to the server to download important game data. Users are given the option to upload user-generated content, which will then be checked by administrators. If the content is approved, then the content will be added to the database, and will be available for future download as part of the new database version by all users.