Utilizing IoT for Home Monitoring and Control Applications.

Berndt, Kaylah, and Angela Tuscany

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most dominating ideas in today’s networking research. It assumes a full connectivity of all today’s devices through different types of networks; such devices include automobiles, personal electronics, and home electronics (e.g. coffee makers, fridges, home furnaces… etc). This project is a peek into the implementation of IoT systems in terms of device control, data collection, and data communication. A monitoring and warning system is developed to alarm home owners of the water level in their sump pump pits. Google’s text messaging services are used to send status alerts to users making the communication free or at very low cost. Furthermore, the system allows users to control switched devices (like lights) remotely from any WiFi/cellular -enabled network through smartphones or any web browser-enabled device.