Mapping of Cruella in Drosophila melanogaster

Cosenza, Ashley, and Jacob Kagey

A Flp/FRT screen EMS mutagenesis screen was conducted in the eye of Drosophila melanogaster to screen for growth mutations on chromosome 2R. In addition to the EMS mutation in the mosaic eye, we utilized an ark loss of function allele (ark82) to block apoptosis in the homozygous mutant cells. Here we are focusing on the characterization and mapping of one mutant that resulted from this screen, Cruella.  In order to study the phenotypic effects of this homozygous recessive mutation, we utilized a promoter from the gene eyeless coupled with the enzyme flipase, which forced recombination exclusively in the eye.  A cross between flies with the flipase enzyme and flies with the mutation Cruella revealed an unusual phenotype that resulted in the
homozygous mutant tissue appearing black, in contrast to red.  In order to map the location of this mutation, a series of complementation tests against the Bloomington deficiency kit were conducted.  This will determine the portion of the genome in which the Cruella mutation is located.  Further complementation testing will be conducted to pinpoint the exact cause for this mutation.  Determining the cause of mutation Cruella in D. melanogaster could provide insight into the molecular nature underlying this mosaic phenotype and help determined if this process is conserved evolutionarily.