An Implementation of a Colored-Target Tracking Robot

Peng, Qi, Shidi Zhang, Hongjie Yu, and Yamei Xiao

 In this project, we worked with a CrustCrawler Nomad wheeled robot and a CrustCrawler AX12A Smart Robotic Arm to develop an autonomous robot that can scan, track and pick up a specific colored-target on flat ground and then drop it off at a specific place. The main component is a TechArts 9S12 microcontroller board which we programed using the embedded C-language to implement the control and communication with the robot. 

  This course-project was aimed at developing a 9S12 microprocessor based autonomous robot that could accomplish some specific complex sequence of actions. To do this we had to  develop a deep understanding of the features associated with the microcontroller Interrupts, Serial Communication Interface (SCI), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and Timer modules while working with the robot and robot Arm.  The goal was to control the robot chassis and communicate with the separate AX12A Smart Robot arm to produce a friendly response to our instructions and implement the requested actions which included tracking a specific colored target, picking it up, and finally depositing it in a box.  In addition to these goals we also learned how to operate and program a color CMU Pixy Camera system to serve as the primary object and destination sensor.  The project was successful.