Patel, Ami, Jessica Bolton, Michelle Walker-Gaston, and Reena Sandhu


Grillz are oral jewelry that is growing in popularity because of the hip-hop generation. The insertion of dental grillz into the intra-oral and peri-oral sites may cause recession, periodontal disease, caries, and halitosis.


Wearing oral jewelry has gained increasing popularity as an expression of body art. Making “grillz” is generally an unregulated practice occurring in a multitude of diverse settings and is usually performed by unlicensed individuals. Clinical findings in patients wearing grillz have illustrated the risk of periodontal injuries. The most common dental problems registered with the use of grillz are the attrition and or fractured incisal edge on the mandibular anteriors. Some degree of recession and mucogingival defects in the proximity of the oral jewelry is also associated with the wear of grillz. Food and other debris may become trapped between the teeth and grillz, which provides a breeding ground for the bacteria. The acid produced by bacteria can cause periodontal disease and halitosis.


In conclusion, even though grillz are just a fad, but it might leave behind serious dental problems. It is urged that clinicians educate and inform patients about potential complications associated with wearing grillz.