Changing the textbooks: A morphological investigation of the variation of the digestive system structures and relationships

Patel, Ami, Houda Hamadeh, and Mary Tracy-Bee

The duodenum system is an important part of our small intestine. Its role is to further break down chyme from the stomach in order to be absorbed in the small intestine. The duodenum is located inferior to the pyloric sphincter and to the stomach. Investigative procedures of the duodenum require injection into the major duodenal papilla or observation of nearby anatomical structures. As a result, a solid understanding of the distances of the major duodenal papilla to both the pyloris and the minor duodenal papilla is essential when examining in this region. In four-year study of thirty-four cadavers, distances between these landmarks were quantified. The 2 cm distance from the major to the minor duodenal papilla is significantly shorter than what has been previously recorded in most textbooks and journals (p<0.05) as is the distance from the pyloris to the major duodenal papilla (p<0.05). This study provides insight into the accurate distances of the duodenal structures.