Innovation and Developmental Entrepreneurship: The DOREO Model

Kesavan, Ram, Oswald Mascarenhas, and Michael Bernacchi

We present the DOREO model in the context of innovation and development. The DOREO model is developed by a) Defining Social Entrepreneurship, b) Establishing need for SE, c) Justifying Innovation for SE, d) Analyzing opportunities for innovation and SE and e) investigating resources for innovation and SE, and f) by describing current organizations that promote innovation for SE. Our concluding remarks focus on innovation and SE that create wealth for the poor of the world. We cite a variety of cases to underscore the nature and viability of mass rural development through innovation and entrepreneurship. DOREO Development; Opportunity; Resources; Entrepreneur; Organization SE Social Entrepreneurship (DE, Developmental Entrepreneurship, a special case of SE)

After centuries of private enterprise and large corporations, the world of developing nations is still poor, will remain poor, and the global inequalities of income, wealth, health and opportunity will increase, even more than ever before. The world now is increasingly turning to "entrepreneurs" to solve the problems related to unequal development, gaping income inequalities and consequently, burgeoning social injustices.

What is the DOREO model?

DOREO is an acronym for Development, Opportunity, Resources, Entrepreneur and Organization. The basic theory and assumptions of the DOREO framework for Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is as follows: We need innovative approaches to the pursuit of social developmental opportunities that are dovetailed to eradicate structural flaws in the global economic and opportunity systems. When backed by relevant committed resources and directed by able socially conscious entrepreneurs capable of creating the necessary human-centered organizations, there will arise macro forces of equitable economic growth and distribution.

Kesavan, Mascarenhas and Bernacchi (2006) report a variety of successful Social Entrepreneurship cases that fit and reinforce the OREO model of entrepreneurship. In this paper, we extend the OREO model directly to incorporate in it the role of Innovation in Developmental Entrepreneurship. We label the extension as DOREO (Development; Opportunity; Resources; Entrepreneur; Organization) model of Social Entrepreneurship.