Analysis of a series of traditional, medieval Korean coins via energy Ddspersive X-ray fluorescence

Garshott, Danielle., Elizabeth. MacDonald, Stephanie. Spohn, and Mark. Benvenuto

A series of early nineteenth century Korean coins have been analyzed using energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) spectroscopy.  The general morphology of each item is a cast, round coin with a central, generally square hole, four characters on the obverse or head side, and two characters on the reverse or tails side.  The entire sample set was examined via EDXRF on both the obverses and reverses.  The composition of the coins varied, but routinely included copper, lead and zinc as major components.  Smaller but significant amounts of antimony, tin, iron, and silver were present in almost all of the samples.  The full findings are presented and discussed.