A Hybrid System for Multi-goal Navigation and Map Building of an Intelligent Robot in Unknown Environments

Chen, Yue, Chaomin Luo, Mohan Krinisnan, and Mark Paulik

A solution by hybrid algorithms is proposed in this paper for real-time map building and navigation for multiple goals purpose.   In real world applications, an intelligent mobile robot is required to reach multiply goals with a shortest path that is capable of being implemented in TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem) algorithm.  A D*-Lite-based algorithm is applied to generate path while a mobile robot explores through a terrain and builds a map in unknown environments. After the global path is planned, it indicates using bread crumb. The VHF (Vector Field Histogram) local navigation algorithm is employed to plan a collision-free path among bread crumbs.  In this research, simulation and experimental results for an intelligent vehicle show the real-time performance of the proposed method, both in static and moderately dynamic environments.