Nursing and Interdisciplinary Student Contributions to the Underserved Through the McAuley Nurse-Managed Health Center

Conley, Joyce, PhD, RN

The presentation covers strategies through which University of Detroit Mercy nursing and interdisciplinary students and new graduates are critically involved in solutions to challenges in improving health care access to the underserved through the McAuley Health Center, an urban, academic nurse managed center.


The mission of McAuley Nurse Managed Health Center is to provide high quality primary health care and health promotion services to the metro Detroit community, particularly its underserved.  As a nurse managed center, faculty strive to model competent practice, dynamic leadership, and stewardship of scarce resources for students who practice and learn at the Center.


The main challenges facing the Center in recent years have been the ability to recruit nurse practitioners and the ability to generate adequate revenue sources.  Students and new graduates from our nursing and other programs at the University of Detroit Mercy have made significant contributions to solutions to these challenges.  We have been successful in recruiting nurse practitioners through strategies that involve building and maintaining a relationship between the Center and students/graduates.  Students/graduates have also contributed to the financial success of the Center by recruiting and referring clients, by providing links for new grants, contracts and community partners, and by providing enhanced services to the Center's clients.  Strategies related to these successes are presented.  By meeting our main challenges through such strategies, our academic nurse managed center has continued to be a vital part of the solution to improving primary health care access to the underserved in the Detroit community.