Exteme Makeover: Library Edition

Eisenstein, Julia, and Sandra Wilson

The purpose of this poster is to present a pictorial account of the recent library renovation project, before, during, and after. Libraries are always changing as they make every effort to accommodate their user’s needs. With the multiple roles libraries serve on campus, Sens (2009) emphasizes creating a sense of space for each of those roles as one of the keys to library design. He also describes the function of a library as a place for collaboration and as the home for services such as “writing, communication, and tutoring centers” (Sens, 2009). UDM’s library renovation, that began in earnest last summer, strives to make the best use of available space and accommodate user needs at the same time. Among the changes were the “opening up” of the first floor, the new check out desk and the inclusion of A La Carte. The renovation also involved redoing the lighting and adding electrical outlets to accommodate the need for technology. The third floor transformation allowed for University Academic Services to move in. The end result is a library that is busier, brighter, and invigorated and infused with new energy.