Recent developments in the synthesis of a series of podand ligands utilizing diethylenetriamine (N3), triethylenetetraamine (N4), or spermin (sp-N4)

Kashat, Candice, Michael Cross, Antoinette Mordi, Vincent Chimedzu, Chanel Pattah, Lance Gschwender, and Mark Benvenuto

A series of ligands, all incorporating either diethylenetriamine (N3), triethylenetetraamine (N4), or spermine (sp-N4), and one of a group of functional, aromatic aldehydes, have been synthesized.  Each ligand is a multi-dentate neutral molecule containing a minimum of three nitrogen donor atoms and possibly two oxygen donor atoms.  Routine structural characterization has been by 1H and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.  This, plus indications of their metal binding abilities will be discussed.