The Relationship of Body Weight with Motor Development of Mouse Pups

Muhammad, Fatimah, Adam Nowak, Nathan Calkin, Juan Gonzalez, and Elizabeth Hill

Low birth weight can have many effects on development.  This study observes the relationship between a mouse’s birth weight and its motor development.  Forty mouse pups from various litters, aged 7 to 14 days old, were led through a series of physical challenges to determine how advanced their development was in relation to their age.  Hypothesizing that there would be a positive correlation between pup weight and development of motor skills, we found a significant relationship between a mouse pup’s weight and its development.  By testing pups’ motor development skills using various tests, we were able to conclude that mice with a heavier weight develop more efficiently than those who are below average.  Understanding the early development of laboratory mice may help us understand other mammals, including human beings.